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Fast-fashion brands defend business model 3 Jan 19
The UK Parliament has been trying to find out if clothes industry workers are being treated fairly.
South Korea acts to keep small shipbuilders afloat 3 Jan 19
South Korea’s shipbuilding industry is slowly starting to recover after a period of decline, and is now going to be supported by government subsidies.
Hungary struggles to plug its growing labour gap 3 Jan 19
Hungarian companies are increasingly using retired workers and students to fill job vacancies.
Sonos rebounds as Beam speaker pumps up the volume 3 Jan 19
Smart speaker maker Sonos rebounded on Thursday after posting a return to revenue growth, beating Wall Street’s estimates thanks to strong sales of its new Beam soundbar and upgrading its outlook for next year.
Chinese smartphone screen maker hit by protests 3 Jan 19
One of the world’s biggest suppliers of touchscreens for smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung has allegedly laid off thousands of workers, sparking violent protests in China.
VW pledges to spend €44bn on new technologies 3 Jan 19
Volkswagen has pledged to spend €44bn on technologies for electric cars, autonomous driving and new mobility services, such as ride-sharing, over the next five years.
Ford open to work with rivals on driverless cars 14 Dec 18
Ford is open to working with other carmakers to expand self-driving services internationally, the head of the carmaker’s autonomous vehicles business said, adding weight to speculation it may partner with Volkswagen on driverless cars.
Oil use in cars set to peak within seven years 14 Dec 18
Oil use in cars is set to peak within seven years, according to the International Energy Agency, despite the number of motor vehicles on the road growing rapidly as populations swell and people become wealthier.
China’s exports to US grow despite Trump’s tariffs 14 Dec 18
Chinese exports to the US grew strongly last month while imports shrank, defying predictions that American tariffs would hit demand for Chinese goods and force Beijing to the negotiating table.
A business ethics class from Australian cricket 6 Dec 18
In March 2018, a player in the Australian cricket team was discovered tampering with the ball during a Test match against South Africa. As a result, the captain and two other players were banned from playing international cricket for a year, and the coach resigned. An independent review of the incident has blamed a culture of ‘winning at all costs’, which seems to have started in 2011 when recommendations were made for the then poorly performing Australian team to take some lessons from business and link pay to performance in the form of wins and ranking positions. But it seems in their eagerness to win, Cricket Australia overlooked the ethical dimension, culminating in the scandal of last March. Comparisons can be drawn with the banking and finance sectors, especially in the period leading up to the financial crisis of 2008.
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