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The economistís guide to gift-giving 20 Jan 17
Tim Harford writes in his Undercover Economist column about gift-giving from an economist's point of view. What is its function? Is it an efficient use of resources? Read the article and think about some of the gifts you have received in brutal economic terms!
No room for tips in the gig economy 20 Jan 17
Working as a driver for a company like Uber or making deliveries on Deliveroo is referred to as the 'gig economy' - workers are paid for each task they carry out. Tipping could increase their incomes, but cultural and now technological factors are changing this. Read about tipping in general, and about how there is a built-in bias against tipping in the gig economy, even if workers there would appreciate tips to supplement their earnings.
South Korea sets overseas target for bullet trains 20 Jan 17
There is a small elite group of countries capable of exporting high-speed trains and their associated technology. Having developed its high-speed rail network using French TGV technology, South Korea now wants to export high-speed rail to other countries, starting with a bid for the new Singapore-Kuala Lumpur high-speed line. Read about Korea's approach to new markets.
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