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Even in the digital age, we still need companies 21 Apr 17
Do companies still need to exist? This is the question posed here, as firms increasingly rely on outside contractors to do a lot of their work. The article looks at the advantages, for some independent contractors, of not being employees, and looks at how income tax policy can affect whether a firm users insiders (employees) or outsiders (freelancers), and at the way that some freelancers are 'not-quite-employees'.
Japanese carmakers steer diverging Brexit courses 21 Apr 17
Following the Brexit referendum, the UK government is keen to maintain and develop car manufacturing in the UK. The article looks at three Japanese car companies that make cars here, and their plans for future operations in the country.
Embraer says new jet on track for first delivery 21 Apr 17
It's not only Airbus and Boeing that produce passenger aircraft. The Brazilian company Embraer is also an important manufacturer. Read about its latest range of jets.
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