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Meet the car mechanics of the future 25 May 18
New technologies being developed for electric and self-driving cars will have huge implications for jobs of the future connected with road transport. To prepare for this, the State of Michigan in the US, the centre of the US car industry, has signed agreements with a number of countries including the UK, to collaborate on a range of areas connected road transport issues of the future.
Corporate wellbeing no substitute for management 25 May 18
More and more large organisations are joining the meditation and mindfulness movement, offering such programme to employees. The belief is that these programmes will help to relieve the stress of modern working life. But one US business school professor is more cynical, believing that the stress is caused by the bad management practices of these companies, with frequent lay-offs and long working hours. And it is often these very companies that are causing the stress on the one hand and trying to relieve it with mindfulness programmes on the other.
Didi Chuxing plan to turn car owners to car users 25 May 18
Didi Chuxing is a Chinese company that currently offers ride-hailing services similar to Uber. But the company has formed an Auto Alliance with many of the world’s biggest car manufacturers to develop cars that will not be sold but will be leased for short periods. Didi Chuxing believes that traditional carmakers will soon become ‘mobility providers’, and car ownership will be replaced by flexible car use on demand.
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