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Flipkart acquires speech recognition start-up 21 Sep 18
The potential for e-commerce in India is enormous, but has been slowed down by the fact that many users would prefer to use their own languages in making purchases. Read about how the internet retail company Flipkart has just acquired a software firm that produces voice recognition software that works with ten local languages, allowing people to do this.
New Zealand bans foreigners from buying homes 21 Sep 18
The New Zealand government has recently banned people from overseas from buying houses in the country. Read about the reasons it has given for this, and why New Zealand has been favoured by the super-rich for buying property.
As the climate changes, how will humans? 21 Sep 18
Leslie Hook writes that the recent hot weather made British people more cheerful. She looks at the some of the possible long-term effects of climate change on the economy and elsewhere.
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