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Robot shock threatens most vulnerable communities 19 Oct 17
New breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence are sure to have a big impact on certain kinds of jobs, but just how big the impact will be is disputed. Will it be 50 per cent of current jobs or more like 10 per cent? And which jobs will be more affected - manufacturing jobs which were most affected by early introductions of automation, or service sector jobs? A related question is to what extent will the impact be concentrated in particular communities, as happened when old industries such as coal and steel closed down.
Norway's oil fund tops $1tn for first time 19 Oct 17
Norway’s oil fund is the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, and its value in assets has just gone past the $1 trillion mark. The fund is fed by all the revenues the Norwegian state receives from its oil reserves, and since its foundation in 1996 it has grown at a very fast rate, rising 13-fold since 2002. Most of its assets are in shares and on average the fund owns 1.3 per cent of every listed company in the world. It also has a big property portfolio, mainly in the US and Europe.
Online dating business sweeps India off its feet 19 Oct 17
The online matchmaking industry in India is very profitable, partly because it has relatively low costs, but also because the market has huge potential. Because of the segmented nature of the Indian wedding market, where the pool of possible spouses is defined by religious and caste boundaries, online matchmaking is a perfect way of finding a spouse. Added to that is the fact that Indian families spend up to a fifth of their wealth on a child’s wedding, including finding the right partner.
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